Everything you need to know about having a website… or not.

Everything you need to know about having a website… or not.

Marketing is essential for any business. Whether we have a small home business or are the owners of a small firm with 50 employees, we need our customers to know that we exist and have something valuable for them.

Because we have eyes and ears and we surf the web, we have seen that the Internet is a place where many people go to solve their needs and in many cases to buy. Therefore, it is a great place to be and to make money.  But, is it worth to bother to have a website? Why does it seem that every business, businessman or entrepreneur has one?


1. You keep control over your business.

If you are starting as an online marketer, working from home, there are many business opportunities you can join. They offer people to set them their own online business, without having a domain, hosting and of course, no website. Others have a platform that sets it all up for you within their system. Everything is done without the need and the hassle of getting into “technical stuff”. But there is a catch there. It is very subtle, but you probably won’t notice a long time after you are in.

From the beginning, they are asking you to put all your eggs on the same basket. Their basket. All the work that you do, on the last instance belongs to them. They have their hands on all the information that you can gather on their system.  If for any reason, one day they decide to close their program, you will lose all your business. Maybe not all, but for the most part you will.

Having your own website keeps you in control. Once you overcome the difficulties of setting it up, what you have is 100% yours. You may start making business with different companies, business opportunities or develop your own products and changes will not affect you so drastically.

2. You keep control over your content.

The web is changing drastically from day to day. With your own site, you can control in your own way how you are going to adapt to those changes at your own pace. Take for instance, Facebook. Have you noticed how often they change the rules or the layout of their site?  Imagine that you use a Fan Page as a way to keep in touch with your prospects and to market your products and services. You depend completely on Facebook’s rules. Every time they change the layout of the timeline, or how posts are made, you will have to update all your information.

3. You keep control over your leads.

Who are your Facebook fans or Twitter followers? How to you get in touch with them? How do you sell to them? How do you grow your list? If you do not have a site you fall under the mercy of others. In social media, leads are borrowed. Every time Facebook changes the rules you have to change the way that you comunicate with your fans, and what is worse, if there is something on what you sell that does not comply with Facebooks terms, they can simply forbid you to market on their site. You need a place to send your followers to sign up and become part of your own list. That place is your website.

4. It gives you the best tool to brand yourself and/or your business.

There’s no place where you have so many options as your own site. Take for instance WordPress, the #1 platform used for blogging and website building. There are more than 10,000 WordPress themes available for you to use, and you may add images and text the way that best suits to your identity, so that you can forge your own image. The possibilities are almost endless.

Compare that to Social Media Platforms or online business oportunities. You have certain rules to follow, so your branding depends on their image. Your brand then becomes part of their brand. It is like if you are not completely you.

Those are just four reasons why every business or business person needs a website. There may be many more, but in the end it is all about having control over every aspect of your trade.

Can you think of any other? Please leave a comment below explaining why would you rather have or not have a website.

Image credits: Flickr user Photophilde