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As a person born and raised in Costa Rica, a small country with exuberant nature and great people, I keep an optimistic view of life. I am:

  • Opportunity seeker.
  • Constant learner.
  • Online Marketing Passionate
  • Willing to help others archive their dreams.
  • Pura Vida!

15450_1265217473209_7082766_nI am here to help you find your way starting an online business or to improve your Internet Marketing Strategies.

Let me explain first how I got here and what I can do for you.

I graduated from the Barcelona School of Architecture and lived in the city of Barcelona, Spain, for more than 15 years. I had the opportunity to work in several important architecture studios with an enormous amount of projects to be done thanks to the great economic boom that Spain was living in the early years of the century. I liked my job and responsibility entailed. Little I knew that life would give such a turn years later.

We architects tend to have a strong entrepreneurial side, and I gave way to it shortly after migrating to Seville, my current home city. I founded an Architecture studio with two more partners but the economic recession stopped us barely on the start line. The construction sector suffered a slowdown from which it has not yet been recovered, and there is no perspective in the near future that there would be any improvement.

I had then two options. The first one, like many of my colleagues I could have migrated to another country but I did not wanted to leave my family behind. I have a “sevillana” wife and two marvelous kids, and I could not take them away from their home land. I know it is hard to leave. I am and immigrant in a foreign land and I know how hard it can be.

The second option was to seek a new profession and a new market.

I stumbled upon this new way of earning a living that was not affected by distance, borders or cultures. It is Online Marketing, the new frontier. Suddenly I saw that it was possible to market products and services to people in many different countries around the world, and that there are incredibly large opportunities for almost everyone willing to take the time and learn how to do it.

72867_10202586685171003_1771652757_nBut as always, things are not as easy as they seem at first glance. Making a living online seemed something easily attainable because there are plenty of courses, training programs and systems to follow that can help anyone become an entrepreneur using only a computer with an Internet connection. But, the truth is slightly different.

There are so many resources that it is very easy to get lost. And what makes the situation worse is that many times too often one may get cheated into offers that do not deliver what they promise. I spent many hours and money in courses and systems, signing up to hundreds of email lists and downloading more ebooks than I can possibly digest. But with time, I developed an eye to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Some of the programs that I have purchased and some of the mentors that I have followed are true and legit and can really help people start and develop a sustainable online business for years to come. This is the purpose of this site: to provide a selection of the best that there is and to help you choose what best fits your needs no matter if you are a newbie or have some previous experience.

I have learned that the most important asset in online marketing and marketing in general is to begin with a plan and to understand that there is no magic tool or system for success. One must learn to analyze, make a plan, follow it, test it and be prepared to adapt it to new situations.

I hope you find value in my work here. Come and join me on this journey “to infinity and beyond” 😉

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