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Bringing Your Avatar to Life (Creating Your Marketing Persona)


When we attempt to market our products or services online, most of us try to follow the common method of getting the most traffic exposed to our product or service, and then hope that some of it converts into sales.

Traffic + conversions = sales

It seems simple but, if you have at least some experience, you know it is not. You need to understand that traffic and clicks are not only numbers and statistics. There are people with different insights, expectations and needs. Therefore, what you offer should fulfill a desire or relieve a pain.

Here I will explain to you how to laser target your ideal customer so that you can speak in his own voice. If you follow this process you will be able to connect with your leads, be more persuasive and dramatically increase your sales. read more…

How To Get Free, Highly-Targeted Traffic From An Unlikely Source

Gest post by Jason Jacobs

Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to hundreds of millions of people with a really easy way to get your message out to them?

What if I told you that you do, as long as you use it the right way?

Most people use Twitter as a way to spread their own opinion to the the rest of the world (or at least their circle of followers). While sometimes that works out for some people, it doesn’t seem like a good way to attract large numbers of visitors to your site. read more…

Everything you need to know about having a website… or not.

Marketing is essential for any business. Whether we have a small home business or are the owners of a small firm with 50 employees, we need our customers to know that we exist and have something valuable for them.

Because we have eyes and ears and we surf the web, we have seen that the Internet is a place where many people go to solve their needs and in many cases to buy. Therefore, it is a great place to be and to make money.  But, is it worth to bother to have a website? Why does it seem that every business, businessman or entrepreneur has one?

Why? read more…